Today we found a couple spectacular deals at Costco.  Men’s black jeans for $12  What a deal!  Next we got really thick car floor mats that can collect the mud and water normally associated with winter travel to protect your car’s carpet.  Picked up a couple bucket seat covers $7   Lastly, on the way out I saw that they were advertising a “hand dipped ice cream”  It ended up being a very best Nutty Buddy type item I have ever had.  It was a vanilla ice cream on a stick that was dipped in a chocolate hard shell with crushed almonds.  It was huge, nutty, and only $1.50

We also found the best price on Brain and Bone Health Silk Soy Milk and Silk Almond Milk which beat any other grocery store in the area by $1.00 each.  So, we save at least $6 each time we shop for Soy milk at Costco based on our normal volume.