I decided to double check how to fix my leaky faucet in the laundry room.  Since I had just recently been bragging about Ehow.com, I decided to go there first.  On the very first search it came up with a very professional video that showed me the steps.  The whole thing took about 3 minutes and I had completely reviewed how to do it.  I was so motivated that I then went to the sink and fixed it after having put the chore off for way to long.  I must admit that I also have a leaky outside faucet, so I went back to look within Ehow.com for a movie about an outside faucet.  After several searches, I couldn’t seem to find anything.  However, I did see a google ad for using an old search engine called Webcrawler to “fix outside faucet“.  I loved the article on Hammerzone.  So, I guess my conclusion is that maybe one site won’t have everything.  We all seem to have our favorite sites to go look first.   Content is improving every day.  Keep searching.