Many people think that a spouse, usually the wife, cannot collect spousal benefits until the primary member files for benefits i.e., when can the spouse get benefits based on her husband.  The Social Security site explains that there is a way for the wife to collect benefits before the husband.  The  husband files for social security, but then defers benefits until later.  This sets it up so the spouse can now claim spousal social security.  Later, when the husband wants to retire, he gets his benefit recalculated.  See

 If you or your spouse are full retirement age
If you are full retirement age, you can apply for retirement benefits and then request to have payments suspended. That way, your spouse can receive a spouse’s benefit and you can continue to earn delayed retirement credits until age 70.
If your spouse has reached full retirement age and is eligible for a spouse’s benefit and his or her own retirement benefit, he or she has a choice. Your spouse can choose to receive only the spouse’s benefit now and delay receiving retirement benefits until a later date. If retirement benefits are delayed, a higher benefit may be received at a later date based on the effect of delayed retirement credits.