Take Red Yeast Rice, fish oil, and CoQ10 to reduce your cholesterol levels.  Seems like everyone is watching their LDL cholesterol levels. I guess that is because it is part of our annual physicals. Television is inundated with commercials to take drugs such as Lipitor.

Today I bumped into a little article in AARP magazine that reminded me of a great resource to study integrative medicine. It is www.drweil.com Andrew Weil is a best selling author and editorial director of his website. I go to his site to get authorative accurate information on alternative medicine, nutrition, and food supplements. The article that got my attention in AARP magazine was about lowering cholesterol by taking Red Yeast Rice. After reading the article, I marched right over to my local Vitamin Cottage and bought both CoQ10, Carlson fish oil, and Red Yeast Rice. Finally, a way to attack the bad LDL cholesterol naturally, instead of using statin. Dr Weil also has a little article about controlling cholesterol too.  About.com has alternative medicine that discusses Red Yeast Rice too.