A great way to study is using flashcards. I was introduced to flashcards in the 50’s as a way to study arithmetic. The teacher had a 5 x 7 card with the problem on one side. The other side had the answer. We were suppose to shout out the answer, and then she would turn over the card to see what was right. Over time I got away from flashcards but then saw that some of the best students in college were using flashcards to learn key facts for lots of subjects. They can be used for vocabulary, historical facts, and almost any subject.

There is a wonderful site called Quisition.com that allows you to use flashcards that other people have made or even make your own. It is described as “THE ONLINE FLASHCARD SYSTEM”. The site is free, and you may register to gain access and start using it immediately. I added a deck of cards that contained 5000 vocabulary words to prepare for the SAT. Once I understood the process, it only took about 10 minutes to cut and paste the data into his online tool. The author, James Tauber, shares his talent with all by providing this system and several other sites which he addresses at his homepage.