Have you ever noticed that different learning techniques work better for certain people?  Some people learn better by listening, others by reading?  Certain things are best learned with “hands on” activity and actually doing something.  I often think about the products such as the Video Professor for “computer training” and the RosettaStone for learning languages.  The creators of these products have hit upon great techniques for their respective subject areas.  I think that successful people take the time to know themselves and use a combination of techniques that suit them.  I know that many people recommend hiring a personal trainer to lead individuals in their physical fitness.  Not all of us can afford a personal trainer to teach us, or show us how to do things.   The rest of the world pursues self study.  Fortunately, others have gone before us and are willing to share.  We used to have to go to the public library and ask the reference librarian for help, but now one can simply search the world wide web.