Who:  Study-Anything.com is for anyone who wants to learn a specific subject.   
What:  We will go beyond philosophy and abstract concepts to provide a portal to learning resources based on the subject.
Where:  The site is http://www.study-anything.com, be sure to bookmark it.
When:  The site is now registered and construction has begun.  The current start date is January 1, 2008.
How:  Study can be broken down into a process with specific steps.  Reseach is on the front end of a process to study and learn.   Study-Anything will have a combination of resources that facilitate research.  It will then follow that research up with some proven techniques to compile and learn from that research. 
Why:   Many current study and educational resources are horrible. They only show theory and vague generalizations with no examples or only show examples without explaining why. I created this site to be the best resource for self-study and learning. When learning something new it’s difficult to know how to break everything down into bite size pieces in order to really understand how something works.  We will break new material down into concrete building blocks and resources  so you can understand and learn new ideas.